Raising a stable and healthy family is not easy. It can sometimes even require you to move out to a whole new state. But the decision of where to raise a family makes parents fret each year. 

Talking about figures, it’s estimated that an average American moves around 11.4 times in their lifetime. Most of the time, they do this in search of better opportunities, new jobs, long-term wealth, general desire, or better schools. 

When moving to a new and different estate, a person needs to remember that needs and wants don’t go together. For example, a state might have a low income-tax rate. But it’s also possible that the same state offers a below-average study facility. Also, they must consider the childcare costs. 

But this isn’t the best way to determine which state is the best for raising a family. After all, people living in all fifty states could tell about the benefits of living in their state. 

You can avoid the confusion by considering which state offers a variety of benefits for parents and children. To help you out, we have created a detailed data sheet that can help you understand the best and worst states for raising a family. 

Five Key Dimensions to Determine the Best and Worst States to Raise a Family

While comparing the best state for raising a family, it’s important to consider the five key dimensions. Here’s what the five key dimensions are:

1. Family Fun and Personal Finance

Family fun is an important aspect to raise a family that everyone should consider. That’s because if you live in an area with limited family fun resources, your family members might not feel happy. And this way, you cannot raise a family.

For family fun, you can consider a number of families with children aged between 0 to 17. Also, you can consider the number of attractions, fitness and recreational sports centers, and the number of families living near playgrounds or parks. 

Along with this, you need to consider your personal finance as well. 

2. Health and Safety 

The next important thing to consider to raise a family is the health and safety of the area you want to live in. You can analyze health and safety by checking the percentage of residents above 12+ and fully vaccinated. 

Also, you need to consider pediatricians per capita, the share of uninsured children, the number of children’s hospitals to the number of total children, and the quality of the public hospital. In addition, consider the safety rankings of roads around the school, property crimes per capita, air pollution, and water pollution. 

3. Education and Child Care 

When you are shifting to a new locality, the schooling needs of kids cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is important to consider the quality of public schools, childcare cost, daycare quality, child care services per capita, and public high school graduation rate. 

Furthermore, it is also important to know the proportion of children above 6 to 17 participating in extracurricular activities or community service and volunteer work. You can also check the parental leave policy and the number of childcare workers per total number of children. 

4. Housing Affordability and Other Expenses 

As a parent, you need to find an area that offers better study and health facilities and is affordable. Since everyone gets a different income, the affordability bar differs for each person. 

To understand how affordable the area is, consider the housing affordability, median credit score, median mortgage debt, paid family leave, retirement access, and participation. 

In addition to this, you need to analyze the median annual family income, average annual family health insurance premium, and median non-mortgage debt. 

5. Socio-Economics 

The last key dimension to consider to raise a family is socio-economics. It includes separation and divorce rate, the share of two-parent families, wealth gap, the median duration of the current marriage, unemployment rate, and underemployment rate. 

In addition, you may also consider other socio-economic factors like job opportunities, foreclosure rate, share of families receiving food stamps, and job satisfaction score. In short, you must do proper community and economic research. 

Best State to Raise a Family in the USA

A recent study has revealed the best and worst states to raise a family among the 50 US states. After analyzing several data points, this report included safety, home prices, medical costs, schooling facilities, and other factors. 

So, when you scout for the best states, always consider the five key dimensions. It depends entirely on which point you prioritize, as everyone has different requirements. 

Some might want to live in a state that offers the best schooling, while some want to stay in a state that offers better job opportunities. 

We have created a list of the best places from which you can choose one depending on the affordability, healthcare, coaching, family activities, and other essential factors. 

Here’s a list of the best states to raise a family:


Massachusetts is ranked higher among all the to raise a family states because it has the best welcoming atmosphere for new families. Surely, the tuition cost of family Massachusetts cannot be considered that affordable, but this state surely offers the best historical points and top-quality coaching. 


Do you want to know how affordable this state is so you can make breathing room in your family’s budget? Here it is:

  • Median home value:$408,100 
  • Cost of living:6 
  • Poverty rate:5% 
  • Median annual family income:$74,189

These affordable numbers might surprise you since Massachusetts is a beautiful smaller state. 

Public Education 

When you move to a new state to raise a family, a quality study system should be one of your top priorities. 

Fortunately, Massachusetts is ranked at the top of the list for offering the best public coaching for grades pre-K to 12. But in terms of higher education, this state is ranked 27th. 

Health Care and Safety 

The fitness maintenance of Massachusetts ranks second, and the crime rate per 100,000 people was recorded to be 338.1 in 2018.

North Dakota 

Many families prefer North Dakota to raise a family as this state offers better schools. In addition to this, North Dakota offers natural beauty, which is a perk. 


When it comes to affordability, this state has relatively higher salaries than the cost of living, which makes it a good option. 

  • Median home value:$210,000
  • Cost of living:8 
  • Poverty rate:5% 
  • Median salary:$70,067

Public Education 

When it comes to public studies, North Dakota is ranked 35. But for higher studies, this state is one of the most preferred ones as it comes under the top 5 states. 

Healthcare and Safety 

As far as fitness is concerned, North Dakota is not known to offer better healthcare facilities. And in terms of safety, the violent rate per 100,000 people was 280.6 in 2018.

New York

Many people want to live in New York to raise a family as this place seems to offer plenty of great growth opportunities. However, the only thing stopping people is the high rate of living. 

Honestly, you can find plenty of great living spaces in New York other than tiny studio apartments at a high price. 


  • Median home value:$305,300 
  • Cost of living:1 
  • Poverty rate:1% 
  • Median salary:$67,727

New York might not be that affordable for a living, but this state does offer some amazing facilities, which cannot be overlooked. 

Public Education 

Talking about public studies, New York is ranked 25th. And for higher studies, it’s ranked 15th. 

Healthcare and Safety 

New York seems to do well in terms of offering fitness facilities as it is ranked 13th. The violent crimes rate per 100,000 people was 350.5 in 2018. 


Vermont is considered one of the best states to raise a family because it offers extraordinary public schools for primary education. 


  • Median home value:$210,600 
  • Cost of living:5 
  • Poverty rate:1% 
  • Median salary:$61,581

Definitely, you can find states that are more affordable than Vermont, but this state offers features and facilities that you can’t say no to. 

Public Education 

Vermont is ranked 4th for offering better public education in the nation. But in terms of higher education, Vermont can be disappointing as it ranks 41st on the list. 

Healthcare and Safety 

Not just the best public education, but Vermont also offers better fitness facilities. Also, Vermont is considered the second safest city to live in as it has fewest violent crimes. The violent rate per 100,000 people was 172 in 2019. 


Minnesota is the fifth best state to raise a family. Surely, it is not the state that people think about when considering raising a stable family, but this place surely offers great facilities. 


The average salary in Minnesota is surely low, but its cost of living is also quite affordable. 

  • Median home value:$239,900 
  • Cost of living:6 
  • Poverty rate:9% 
  • Median salary:$57,001

Public Education 

This state grabs the 12th spot in the list of public education for pre-K to 12. But for higher studies, this state is ranked in 20th position

Healthcare and Safety 

As far as healthcare is considered, the citizens of these states are on the list of top 10 states for their fitness. In terms of safety in Minnesota, the violent crime rate per 100,000 people was 220.4 in 2018. 

Other good states include South Dakota, New Hampshire, and more. 

Worst States to Raise a Stable Family 

Based on the five key dimensions, which determine the best states to raise a family, there are top 10 states considered the worst states to raise a family. 

It includes Georgia, Nevada, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Mexico. 

Among these worst states, Arkansas has the highest divorce rate. While Nevada has the lowest separation rate. 

How Raising a Family Has Changed Due to COVID-19

Good parenting is definitely a determinant factor in how a child behaves and how successful they become. Earlier, there were a set of beliefs that people followed. But after parenting changed everyone’s life, a few new considerations have come forward. Some of these considerations include: 

  • After the spread of the virus, in-person classrooms were closed. It increased the need for daycare in almost all states. 
  • Getting quality well-being facilities also became a major concern for parents because the families that lived on the outskirts couldn’t receive better fitness service. 
  • Neighborhood amenities also play a bigger role. Things like sidewalks and parks are important for outdoor activities because formal recreational programs might get suspended. 
  • Lastly, people who thought broadband connectivity was a luxury started believing it was actually necessary. That’s because stable broadband has made it possible for schools and offices to continue working. 

Comparing Conditions for Raising a Family

When it comes to raising kids, you can find large contrasts between states while comparing them. Here’s how the area where you live can impact your future. 

  • Cost of Living and Personal Finance: Did you know that living in Hawaii is more than twice compared to the cost of living in 20 other states? That means if you want to live in Hawaii, you need to have a stable and better income so that you can provide all the facilities to your family members. 
  • Academic Performance: If you compare the academic performance in three subjects, i.e., math, science, and reading, you know that Massachusetts is 10% higher than Alabama. 
  • Student Checking Account: When it comes to offering better and special checking accounts to youngsters, it was revealed that New York and Florida offer better choices. Whereas Hawaii offers none of such special checking accounts. Also, other states offer one to three such facilities. 
  • Cost of College: Moving to the cost of college, Wyoming has come up as the best state for students to get a college education as it’s the most affordable one. On the other hand, Vermont has appeared to be the most expensive state in terms of average public college tuition. 
  • Crime Rate: If you consider crime rates, you would know New Mexico and Alaska have more crime rates than Maine. 
  • Overall Health: For the best overall fitness, parents consider living in Vermont. In fact, families living in this state have revealed their kids are 10% more excellent in fitness than parents in Mississippi. But Mississippi has the lowest infant mortality rate. 
  • Broadband Infrastructure: Houses in Washington and Utah are 20% more likely to have better broadband facilities than households in Mississippi.
  • Daycare Options: Delaware has more daycare options for the number of children below 10 compared to Utah. 


If you are planning to start a family, you must consider the key dimensions to find the best state so you can live comfortably with your family. Also, you need to consider your personal finances. 

While we have recommended some states under the “best states for raising a family” section, you can also do detailed research to find a state that suits your needs and meets your requirements. 

It’s important to choose a state to raise a family with a low separation rate. In addition, you need to consider childcare costs. This post highlights both, best and worst states to raise a family. Avoid raising your family in the worst states like New Mexico, West Virginia, Georgia, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best state to raise a family in?

Determining the “best” state to raise a family can be subjective and depends largely on your family’s needs and preferences. However, states like Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Vermont consistently rank high due to their excellent education systems, safety, and quality of life.

Which state has the happiest kids?

According to various surveys and studies, Minnesota often comes out on top for having the happiest kids. This could be attributed to the state’s emphasis on education, community spirit, and abundance of outdoor activities.

What is the best state to raise a child in the US?

As mentioned, the best state to raise a child can depend on various factors. However, states like Massachusetts, Vermont, and Hawaii are often ranked highly due to their education systems, safety, healthcare, and quality of life.

What is the most stressful state to live in?

Stress levels can vary widely and depend on a variety of personal and environmental factors. However, according to some studies, states with higher costs of living and longer work hours, such as New York and California, are often reported to be more stressful.

Which state has the highest quality of life?

Quality of life encompasses various factors including education, economic prosperity, health, and safety. States like Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Minnesota consistently rank high in these areas.

Which state has the best happiness?

Hawaii often ranks as the happiest state, thanks to its beautiful surroundings, strong sense of community, health rankings, and the Aloha spirit.

What state has the best cost of living?

States in the Midwest and South, such as Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, often have the lowest cost of living in the U.S.

What is the best state to make a lot of money?

States with strong economies like California, New York, and Massachusetts offer numerous opportunities for high-paying jobs, particularly in industries like technology, finance, and healthcare.

What is the best state for middle-class families?

Middle-class families often thrive in states with a reasonable cost of living, good schools, and a strong job market. States like Utah, Nebraska, and Virginia are often appealing to middle-class families.

Which state has the best school system?

Massachusetts is frequently cited as having the best school system in the U.S., thanks to its emphasis on education and numerous top-rated schools and universities.

What is the best place to have kids?

When it comes to having kids, you’d want to consider factors such as healthcare, education, and safety. States like Vermont, Minnesota, and Hawaii often rank highly in these areas.

Where is the best place to have a child?

From a healthcare perspective, states with top-notch medical facilities and low infant mortality rates, such as Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Vermont, are considered some of the best places to have a child.

What are the five happiest states?

According to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, the five happiest states as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021 were Hawaii, Utah, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Where is the best state to have a baby?

States with excellent prenatal and postnatal care, affordable healthcare, and strong family-friendly policies are ideal for having a baby. States like Vermont, Massachusetts, and Minnesota often rank highly.

What is the best city to raise a child?

Just as with states, the “best” city to raise a child can depend on many factors. However, cities like Madison, Wisconsin; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Overland Park, Kansas are often recognized for their family-friendly environments.

What state is cheaper to have a baby?

The cost of having a baby can vary greatly by state, depending on healthcare costs and the cost of living. States in the South and Midwest, such as Oklahoma and Arkansas, often have lower healthcare costs compared to the national average.

What state is everyone moving to?

Migration patterns can change year by year, but as of recent data, states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona have seen significant population growth due to people moving in from other states.

These answers provide a general overview and the situation can vary. It’s always best to do thorough research or consult with a professional to get the most accurate and up-to-date information for your specific circumstances.

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