Texas is an exciting place to call home for plenty of reasons. The state is home to the second-largest and most diverse population in the United States after California. Frisco is one of the best places to live in Texas with some of the highest-rated schools in the state, affordable housing, and living costs, easy access to transport, recreation, and health amenities.

Frisco’s transition from a small, sleepy farming town to a bustling urban center in a few decades is, least to say impressive. what's the best place to live in texas

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Highest Median Household Income

The cost of living in this city is slightly higher than the state average. The median per capita income is $53,191 while the median household income sits at $127,055, the second-highest in Texas in 2021. Single-family homes makeup 78% of the city’s housing options and attract an average price of $335,900.

Monthly rental costs for an apartment will set you back $1,672 and is contingent on factors such as your choice of neighborhood, and the size of the apartment.

Education in Frisco

Frisco’s public schools’ system has been ranked twelfth best in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The city is home to ten high schools that rank among the top 25 best public high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

There are 19 institutions of higher learning in the city. These include 4 public universities, and colleges, 13 private universities, and colleges, and 2 community colleges that offer 2-year degree programs.

Notable mentions include Franklin University, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Parker University, Miami International University of Art & Design, National American University-Richardson, National American University-Lewisville, Arizona College-Dallas, and more.

Places to Visit

Frisco boasts just over 1,370 acres; 49 parks, botanical gardens, and green spaces you can visit to clear your mind. For the foodie, there are dozens of fine dining options and upscale restaurants along Preston Road and at the Stonebriar Centre.

The city has over 165 shops offering a world-class shopping experience. Beyond Frisco’s malls and a vast variety of dining options, the city has a number of museums and historical attractions such as the National Videogame Museum, and the Museum of the American Railroad.

Frisco’s job market is rapidly growing which makes it an attractive destination for young families and professionals. The area has a low crime rate which ranks it highly in safety points. With its quality schools, affordable homes, higher median incomes, and plenty of entertainment options, Frisco earns its place among the best places to live in Texas.


Plano is the 9th largest city in Texas by population. The city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and is located just north of Dallas. While Dallas boasts a larger demographic of young professionals, Plano is the go-to place for young families and those seeking to leave the city for a quieter suburban living experience. best place in plano texas to live

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Cost of Living

Plano’s cost of living is slightly higher than the national average at 107.3%. This makes it an average US city to live in, in terms of housing costs, utility costs, and so on. The job market in this city is rapidly expanding, and more opportunities are within your reach just a short distance over in Dallas.

The median household income in Plano is $126,073. The median per capita income in this city averages at $47,840. The average cost of a home is $320,100 while monthly rental costs for a decent-sized apartment will set you back $1,418 on average.

Education in Plano

Plano’s Independent School District has been ranked among the top-tier school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and one of the best public school districts in the lone star state. There are approximately 44 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and 10 high schools.

The schools serve a combined 53,700 students who reside in the city and nearby suburbs of Frisco, Murphy, Dallas, Parker, and Richardson.

The area is also home to a number of colleges and universities that include Franklin University, National American University-Richardson, Bakke Graduate University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Wade College, and Southern Methodist University just to mention a few.

Fun Things to Do

Plano has plenty of pristine botanical gardens and parks, acres of open green spaces, nature preserves, and more. There are miles of hiking and biking trails offering an immersive close-up experience with nature, a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life.

Downtown Plano offers residents and visitors plenty of entertainment, fine dining, and shopping options. The downtown area is home to Plano’s lively local restaurant scene that is known for its diversity in the cuisines and cultures represented.

The downtown area also has a lively performing art and nightlife scene. In terms of location, access to amenities, and its vicinity to Dallas, the city has a lot going for it which score it major points in livability, quality of life, safety, and affordability.

To reiterate, Plano is a huge draw for young families and couples looking to start or raise a family, people looking for their own little slice of happiness in north Texas. The city has in fact been named the happiest city in the U.S. It ranks highly on emotional, mental health, and physical well-being scores. Its high quality of life, and low crime rate easily makes Plano one of the best places to live in Texas.


There are plenty of reasons why moving to Houston would be a great idea. It is the largest city in Texas and the 4th biggest city in the U.S by population. With a population of just over 2,323,660 residents, the population is as diverse as it gets.

This in turn creates an exciting culturally diverse culinary scene that a foodie’s paradise. If your career leans towards the oil and gas, biomedical research, aerospace, health care industries then Houston has plenty of exciting opportunities for you.

the best place to live in houston texas

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Cost of Living in Houston, TX

Houston offers a wide variety of housing options from a choice of gorgeous neighborhoods spread out across the city and its environs. Most of the neighborhoods are walkable and child-friendly with tons of green outdoor spaces.

The median price of a house in Houston is $332,500 while monthly rent costs around $1,205. The median per capita income is $35,190 while the median household income is $52,450. The cost of living is lower than the national average and slightly higher than the state average.


Houston is home to more than 60 outstanding school districts, several state-approved charter schools, about 200 private schools, and prominent colleges and universities. The HISD (Houston Independent School District) is tasked with the management of education in the greater nine-county metropolitan region. The HISD is the seventh biggest public school nationally and the largest in the state of Texas.

The city is home to the University of Houston, Rice University, Texas A&M University, and more than 50 specialist trade, business, and vocational training schools.

Fun Things to Do

Houston’s museum district is a huge draw for residents and visitors alike. The area is a 9-mile district that showcases Houston’s culture and is home to the Houston Zoo and 19 museums. Besides being a popular tourist attraction, the district celebrates Houston’s diverse cultures and art. Needless to say, the Museum District is a significant player in Houston’s economy.

The city hosts numerous food festivals all year long featuring cuisines from different parts of the globe. From an African food fest this week to a barbecue festival next week, Houston is a food lovers paradise. The city is also home to several top-tier professional sports teams such as the Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets to mention a few.

Round Rock

Located a short distance from the state capital, Austin, the city of Round Rock is in many ways one of the best places to live in Texas. It offers its residents a blend of laid-back, charming small-town living with all the conveniences and amenities of a big city. Round Rock is a popular sports destination for amateur, community, and recreational sports earning it the title “Sports Capital of Texas”.

best place to live in texas for families

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Living Costs

Round Rock is among the more affordable places you can live in Texas. The area has a median household income of $101,648 and a median per capita income of $34,765. House prices level out at $482,190 while the monthly rent costs are $1,445.

Utility costs are only slightly higher than the state average. Round Rock is home to one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant economies in Texas and the U.S as well. Notable Fortune 500 companies with offices in this city include IKEA, Dell, and IBM.


Education in this area is overseen by the Round Rock Independent School District. The school district has been ranked among the best-performing districts in the state. The RRISD serves a combined total of 48,900 students that attend 34 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and 6 high schools in the area.

The area is home to about 16 institutions of higher learning that include Franklin University, the Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication, the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and the National American University-Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School.

Places to Visit

There are plenty of fun ideas worth exploring in Round Rock. For the sports fanatic, there are a handful of professional sports facilities such as the Round Rock Sports Center, Rock Sports Arena, and more. The city is home to a number of professional sports teams that include the likes of Round Rock Express Baseball Club, Texas Stars, Round Rock SC, and others.

The city has numerous world-class shopping options and restaurants that serve up an array of culture-inspired dishes. For a taste of the city’s exciting nightlife, live music shows, and interesting historical attractions, head over to the downtown area.

If Southern Comfort food and southern hospitality, low crime rates, and reasonable living costs sound like something you’d be interested in, then Round Rock is just where you need to be.

San Antonio

San Antonio has perhaps the largest population of Hispanic speakers in Texas which means the food scene here is mind-blowing. The local cuisine heavily borrows from Latin-American/Mexican influences which makes Sant Antonio’s restaurant scene one of the liveliest. While the city’s job market pales in comparison to similar-sized metros, there has been observable growth in recent times.

Sant Antonio’s leading industries include defense, aerospace, bioscience research, healthcare, and Information Technology to mention a few. The city has a population of 2,368,207 which firmly asserts its status as a major U.S city.

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Living Costs

Living in San Antonio is reasonably cheap. This can easily be attributed to the city’s affordable house market. Living costs are considerably lower than the national average. The median household income is $74,100 while the median per capita income averages at $25,894. The median price for a home in San Antonio is $298,200 while monthly rent will set you back $1,151.

Education in San Antonio

The city is home to several leading school districts that include Alamo Heights Independent school district, Basis Charter Schools, Harmony Public Schools, and more. There are 20 high schools that rank among the top best performing schools in Texas. There are 14 universities and colleges and more than 27 more located within 100 miles of the city. of higher learning in the city.

Notable mentions include University of the Incarnate Word, Trinity University, Texas Lutheran University, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake University, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University, University of Texas Health Science Center, and more.

Fun Things to Do

San Antonio is home to the most famous piece of American history, the Alamo. The city has a rich history, lots of museums and cultural attractions. If you are curious to explore the city’s downtown area, be sure to bring along an appetite. San Antonio’s food scene, much like most major city centers in Texas, is legendary.

Sample the tantalizing flavors of the Tex-Mex diet that comes alive in this area. The city has walkable streets, biking and hiking trails, spectacular parks, botanical gardens, and green outdoor spaces.

San Antonio to many residents and visitors remains a choice destination to call home and one of the best places to live in Texas. From a vibrant atmosphere, a rich tradition rooted in American history, high-quality schools, and affordable housing options, San Antonio has it all.


Home of the Dallas Cowboys and the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area; Dallas is another of the best places to live in Texas. The city is the economic center of Texas and boasts some of the biggest names in Tech, banking, defense, and more.

The city has the third-highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita after Houston and New York in second and first place respectively. The city has established itself as a leading business hub with its corporate-friendly policies and laws. This has largely worked to the benefit of its residents who get access to the best job opportunities in the lone star state.

As one might imagine, for a city that hosts the biggest names in tech and finance, the job market is fiercely competitive. A Forbes report ranked the city as the number one most competitive job market; not only in Texas but in the U.S as well.

best place to live in dallas texas

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Cost of Living

The average cost of living in this area is slightly higher than the national average. The city has perhaps the fastest-growing job market in the country. Rent costs for a one-bedroom house in Dallas average $1,126 per month.

This figure is relatively affordable in comparison to other cities such as Austin, Coppell, and many other metros of comparable size. The median per capita income for Dallas Texas in 2021 is $34,479 while the median family income is 86,200.


Dallas is a major educational hub in the South Central United States area. The city is home to several universities, colleges, trade schools, and educational institutes that include Southern Methodist University, the University of North Texas at Dallas, Dallas Baptist University, Paul Quinn College, The Art Institute of Dallas, and others.

The city has produced top-ranked schools in both public and private high schools categories in Texas. Additionally, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is home to the state’s best-ranked schools that offer quality education to residents.

Fun Things to Do

Dallas offers all the appeals of a big city, plenty of exciting job opportunities, a rich, diverse population and brings comparable diversity. The city offers a wide range of cuisine options, an exciting restaurant scene, and festivals that feature good food as the main attraction.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and the Texas State Fair is proof of the adage. The Dallas cuisine in many ways compares to the Texan Tex-Mex food culture that is heavily influenced by Mexico. Other culinary influences include Southern, Creole/Cajun, African American, and British cuisines to mention a few.

The city’s colorful food scene comes to life on full display during the annual Texas State Fair hosted in Dallas. The state fair is the largest and most recognizable event in the U.S.

best place to live in texas for retirees

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From an exciting job market, a large culturally-diverse population to a colorful culinary scene, and professional sports teams, there are plenty of reasons that make this city the perfect place to call home and one of the best places to work and play in Texas. If your career path leans more towards the banking, finance, and tech industry, then Dallas is just the place for you.


Austin is the capital of the lone star state and an incredible place to call home. The city is home to a diverse population of 964,000 making it the second-most populated state capital and the 11th most populated city in the country.

It boasts a booming tech industry, affordable housing costs, and a vibrant diverse population that makes it one of the best places to live in Texas. The city hosts regional offices for a number of leading Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook (now Meta), 3M, Apple, and Google. Austin is also a major music hub earning the moniker “Live Music Capital of the World”.

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best neighborhoods in austin

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Living Costs

Austin’s living costs are higher compared to the state average but still lower than the U.S average. For its size, the city may be considered reasonable in comparison to big cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. Housing costs are on average slightly higher than the national mark. The median household income in this city is $71,576 while the median per capita income sits at $43,043.

The average price of a house in this city is $588,400 while monthly rent costs for an apartment average at $1,619 which is significantly pricier compared to places such as Texas City, El Paso, Corpus Christi, and Rio Grande.

Education in Austin

Austin has on several occasions been recognized as an intellectual hub and the best place to get an education nationally and in the world as well. The city boasts 29 public school districts and is also home to more than 100 private learning institutions.

There are 8 top-ranked universities and colleges that include the University of Texas, St. Edward’s University, Southwestern University Texas State University, several specialty, and vocational training schools, and more.

Places to Visit

The city offers its residents and visitors an abundance of fun-filled activities, attraction sites, and more. Austin has a large and diverse population that makes it a melting pot of cultures and a vibrant entertainment center.

Besides the charged music and performing arts scene, the city boasts endless dining options and restaurants and coffee shops that showcase the area’s culinary traditions. Austin is centrally located in the state of Texas but Mexico’s influence on the local cuisine is undoubted.

If gorgeous nature parks and an intimate experience with nature sounds like more of your thing, well search no more. There are plenty of green outdoor spaces and botanical gardens in the area that include the Zilker Botanical Garden, the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, the Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve, and more.

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