Alpharetta is easily one of the best places to live in Georgia. Located approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta, Alpharetta has low crime rates and beautiful suburbs. Many young families choose to call the city home and for a good reason.

Alpharetta is a great place for young professionals to start a career because it has more jobs per capita than anywhere else in Georgia.

Cost of Living in Alpharetta

The cost of living in this part of Georgia is 7% lower compared to the national average. The average home value is about $378,000 while monthly rental costs will set you back $838.08. The average income for individuals in Alpharetta is $58,090 while the average household income is approximately $113,802 according to data from the US Census Bureau.

Education in Alpharetta

The schools in Alpharetta are exceptional, with the area serving over 30,000 students (with a minority enrollment of 50%) across just over 30 schools. Student proficiency ratings rank in the top 1% of Georgia public schools.

The area hosts numerous colleges and universities that include Georgia State University, Keller Graduate School of Management, and the World-renowned Georgia Tech: a top-ranked engineering school.

The metro area also hosts several colleges and campuses. The Fulton County Public School System is rated among the top 100 best in the country with a math proficiency score of 73%, higher than the state average.

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As far as population and diversity go, Alpharetta is home to 65,590 people with a racial composition that is as follows;

  • White Non-Hispanic persons make up 56.8%,
  • Asians are the second largest ethnic group at 20.1%,
  • Black or African Americans 11.5%,
  • Hispanic 6.52%), and
  • Biracial or mixed-race 2.19%).

The city has a low violent crime rate and the overall crime rates are lower than anywhere else in the state (except for Roswell which is just as affluent but more spread out).

Places to Visit

The city offers residents an extensive list of amenities, such as high-end coffee shops, green spaces, parks, dozens of award-winning fine dining establishments, and hotels as well as endless world-class shopping options.

There are tons of locally owned businesses and unique attractions in the downtown Alpharetta area. The city is nestled between the enchanting North Georgia Mountains and the city of Atlanta.

These reasons all work together to make Alpharetta a compelling destination for young families and individuals to call home.


Decatur is another fantastic place to call home and is among the best places to live in Georgia. Decatur is one of Atlanta’s oldest cities and has experienced some revitalization over the past few decades.

Efforts by the local government focus on sustainability projects like installing more energy-efficient street lights and improving existing infrastructure such as sidewalks and tree-lined streets.

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Cost of Living in Decatur, Dekalb County

While commonly regarded as one of the best places to live in Georgia, Decatur is not going to be the cheapest option (if the cost of living is a top concern for you). The cost of living in Decatur is 34% higher than the state average and nearly 25% higher than the national average.


The schools in Decatur are some of the best in the peach state and families can choose from a number of different schools, private academies, or charter schools. City schools in Decatur are rated an overall grade of A+, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 15-to-1.

The city hosts several colleges and universities that include Emory University, DeVry University Decatur Campus, Agnes Scott College, Delkab Technical College, and more institutions that offer high-quality education.

The University of Georgia affiliated with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens also has a campus in Decatur.

Proximity to Downtown Atlanta

Despite Decatur’s close proximity to Atlanta’s downtown, the city has retained its identity and warm southern charm. This area is particularly a good landing spot for people who are looking for a cultural or educational hub with plenty of museums, galleries, and theaters.

There is so much to do in Decatur. People can go to the playground at Piedmont Park, take a walk in Margaret Mitchell Square, or visit one of many art galleries. Additionally, there are also plenty of local shops you can visit and outdoor activities such as cycling and running trails that are close by.

Decatur is easy to love for these and more reason, rightfully earning its place among the best places to live in Georgia.


Want to live in the heart of the state in the Cherry Blossom Capital of the world? Macon just might be the home for you. Located just two hours away from Atlanta and situated where the North mountains of the state meet the flat plains of the South, Macon is full of history and fascinating things to do.

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The cost of living here is lower than any other major metro area in the Peach State, but there are plenty of entertainment options for those who don’t mind driving a little farther.

The median house value sits at $114,697 while monthly rental costs for a decent-sized apartment will set you back between $974 and $1,007. In addition, it is really easy to find homes for sale at affordable prices.

Education in “College Town”, GA

Macon is known as a college town, hosting students from Wesleyan College (the first charted women’s college in the world), Mercer University, Macon State University, and Central Georgia Technical College. Don’t let the “college town” tag fool you though, Macon is not overrun with partying co-eds and can still be enjoyed by families.

The schools in Macon are also really good with many versatile options across Bibb county. Here, you can find many choices for both public and private schools. The area even has five specialized schools, including Georgia Academy for the blind.

Community Events and Other Fun Things to Do

One of the reasons Macon is considered one of the best places to live in Georgia and perhaps the best of Atlanta suburbs is its rich history and plenty of opportunities to interact with the community all around.

The city hosts a number of community events that most residents participate in and look forward to. The area comes alive with a rich musical history, delightful offerings of southern comfort food, and historical parks. If quiet places are your kind of thing, you’ll find a green space here and there to sit and meditate.

The area offers visitors and residents the feel of a small town blended with the energy and ambiance of big city living which makes it one of the best places to live in Georgia.


Many people might not think about Marietta when it comes to living in Georgia but don’t count this city out! Marietta is a suburb of Atlanta that offers easy access to big-city amenities while retaining a small-town vibe.

The city has low crime rates (with only two violent crimes per 100,000 residents every year) and a diverse resident demographic, which makes it an ideal place to raise families.

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Cost of Living in Marietta

The average household income in this area is $57,452 while the median income for an individual is $35,598. The average cost for a home is $287,600 while the several rental cost for an apartment(depending on factors such as size and location) is $1,485. Utility costs are slightly higher than the national and state averages.


Looking for a good school that consistently scores above average proficiency ratings in Marietta? Fortunately, this suburb offers a variety of great school choices for families. Marietta School District hosts a dozen schools and several private schools that offer top-tier education. The Marietta school district is among the top 30% of school districts in Georgia.

Marietta is for people who want a quiet life in the suburbs but still crave an experience of the city bustle. Living here is an invitation to experience the best of both worlds making it one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Things to Do in Marietta

Life in Marietta includes many local dining and shopping options, amenities, and scenic nature trails. Also, home to the Marietta Museum of History, residents, and visitors can learn about historic events that unfolded during the town’s early days, including the Great Locomotive Chase, the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, and pivotal events during the Civil War.

Sandy Springs

Another of the best places to live in Georgia is the beautiful and affluent community suburb of Sandy Springs. Located just over 15 miles north of downtown Atlanta, Sandy Springs is a great place to grow roots. There are plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for kids, plus the schools rank among some of the best in Georgia.

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Cost of Living

The median household income in Sandy Springs is $78,613, which is 33% more than the average for the rest of the state. The median income for an individual is $49,173, which is 50% more than the state average. The median home price in Sandy Springs is $580,128 with an average price of $198 per square foot.

The city has a cost of living that is 101.6% of the national average which ranks it as an average US city.


The Fulton County School System has a lot of great school options and at least 10 private schools. The county has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Georgia. The top-ranked schools in Fulton County, GA are Northview High School, River Trail Middle School, and Cambridge High School.

Fun Things to Do in Sandy Springs

Looking for family fun in the sun and outdoor nature adventures? This small city boasts amazing green spaces and offers many beautiful places to walk and biking trails. The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is an amazing natural park and gives residents and visitors the opportunity to canoe and kayak across the Chattahoochee river!

Another impressive addition is Heritage park (located in the heart of its charming downtown area) which is home to many community events hosted by the Heritage Sandy Springs nonprofit.

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Population and Diversity

The population of Johns Creek’s is made up of a mostly white (caucasian) majority at 60%. 25% of the residents are Asian, and about 10% are African American. The Latino population sits at just 6%.

Sandy Springs is a vibrant center of commerce and an economic hub for the state of Georgia. The city is home to corporate headquarters for many multinational companies like Cox Communications, Mercedes-Benz, and UPS. Pretty Impressive, right?

In fact, John’s Creek has more Fortune 500 companies per capita than any city in the entire country. This means that there are plenty of great job opportunities and a lively community.

The main drawback is the cost of living which is higher than most other towns in Georgia. However, the high rent prices are a fair trade-off for an opportunity to live in a town with a booming economy, an endless variety of fun things to do, luxury neighborhoods, and gated communities.

Johns Creek

The city is one of Atlanta’s affluent suburbs and among the best places to live in Georgia. It is located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, in Fulton County. Johns Creek has a high average income and excellent schools. With such close proximity to the city of Atlanta, there are plenty of jobs available in the city. Johns Creek is also close to the airport, which makes it rather convenient for residents who fly frequently.

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Cost of Living in Johns Creek GA

The median household income in this area is $122,514, approximately 108% more than the state average. The average income for an individual is $57,727, which is 76% more than the state average. The average cost of utilities is slightly higher than the national and state averages. The average home value ranges between $545,409 and $508,785.

The only downside of Johns Creek is that due to the high average income and excellent school choices in the district, property taxes are higher than in other towns with lower average incomes. Duluth, a short distance away is a recipient of Georgia Municipal Association’s Live, Work, Play City Award.


There are 19 elementary, middle, and high schools within the city. High schools in Johns Creek alone include four schools, one alternative school, three charter schools, a virtual campus, and one private institution.

While their test scores are renowned Johns Creek students accomplish more than academic achievements.

Fun Things to Do

Johns Creek offers its residents the promise of exciting nightlife, a lively performing arts scene, events, art festivals, golf clubs, farmers’ market, and retail shops. For the foodie, you can grab some amazing food and explore endless fine-dining options.

The city is home to the largest concentration of chain restaurants and fine dining establishments of any city in the US. Johns Creek also has world-class parks, nature reserves, and botanical gardens.

You can visit the Chattahoochee River, and take out a boat to explore all five of its breathtaking sections, fish or indulge in some rafting. The outdoor spaces are the perfect place to go camping or simply take your dog out for a run and a bit of adventure.

For the fitness and sports hobbyists, Ocee Park is a must visit. The park boasts basketball and volleyball courts, two tennis courts, and eight well-lit baseball fields.

If your idea of a city to call home involves a diverse community that provides a blend of city life and easy suburban living, then Johns Creek GA is just the place for you. You’ll have everything you need to feel right at home from access to endless fine dining options to large coffee shops.


Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia with a population of about 136,700 people. While being an older town with southern charm it also has many modern amenities for residents like excellent schools, beautiful parks, or beaches such as Tybee Island.

Residents can enjoy living near historic landmarks where they are able to walk to the riverfront, rent kayaks, or go fishing.

The historic city of Savannah is ranked among the top 3 biggest cities in the state of Georgia with over 145,000 people calling the city home. The area has a vibrant cosmopolitan feel with gorgeous architecture, a lively city center, and a share of its own rivetting history that dates back to 1751.

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Cost of Living

The Median Household Income in the city of Savannah is $45,533 while the mid-range cost is approximately $252,500 for a single-family home. So how does the cost of living in Savannah compare to the surrounding areas? As of 2021, the housing costs in Savannah have remained relatively low compared to the national average.

Along with its beautiful coastal views, the best things to do in Savannah are found at Forsyth Park and The Olde Pink House. Georgia is a state with more than 200 miles of coastline so you don’t have to worry about being too far from the beach!

The southern cities are also fast-paced and well equipped for business travelers or anyone who needs to get around quickly. It’s easy to imagine yourself living here when it only takes 15 minutes to drive from coast to coast.

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The city of Savannah is home to a total of eleven schools; seven elementary Schools, two middle schools and two highsSchools serving a combined total of 11,000 students.

The area has ten public universities and private colleges.

Places to Visit

Hiking, boating, and fishing are just some of the things that seem to come naturally in this state. It’s also home to one of America’s first national parks so you can explore a little bit of history while you’re exploring the outdoors.

There are so many great things to do in Savannah for the family such as enjoying a carriage ride through the historic downtown area or visiting one of the many museums in town. A boat ride along the Savannah River is one way to explore the Georgia-South Carolina border. The river meanders its way through downtown Augusta and Savannah and into the Atlantic Ocean over a 314-mile course.

The city offers a unique experience of the great outdoors, perfect for young families to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes and outdoor activities. Georgia’s position from the coastal plains in the southeast through the rolling hills of Piedmont to the foothills of the Blue Ridge to the northwest grant it some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes making Savannah is a focal point of tourism in GA.

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